What is Mobile Dentistry Service?

What is Mobile Dentistry Service?

Mobile dentistry offers dental services outside a dental clinic using portable equipment. The services provided by these mobile units are comprehensive and mostly preventive. It is specifically useful for people who cannot travel outside their home or living area and still want to avail of dental services.  

In this article, we explain what is mobile dentistry? What are its benefits, and what services does it provide? Continue reading to find out more.  

What is Mobile Dentistry?  

Mobile dentistry provides on-site dental services where people can avail themselves of the treatment from the comfort of their homes. Mobile dentists provide treatment in dental vans to facilitate people who are either unable to travel from their homes or are admitted to hospitals or community centers.  

Mobile dentistry is a new trend in the dental industry that provides a moving dental office. It offers great convenience for people in rehabilitation centers, retirement communities, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.  

What are the services provided by Mobile Dentists? 

Mobile dentists usually provide diagnostic and comprehensive services by using extensive equipment. However, preventive, referral and screening services are most prevalent. The services provided by mobile dentists are listed below. 

Benefits of Mobile Dental Services: 

Mobile dental services become readily available at the doorsteps of people who are either too aged to move or are bedridden or in wheelchairs. It also reduces their traveling costs and can be a great option in case of dental emergencies.  

It provides great relief to people who undergo dental pain and require immediate treatment. It uses portable equipment and brings the treatment home, where patients do not need to visit the dentist by themselves.  

Mobile dental clinics offer great support to disadvantaged communities and provide a stress-free environment to deal with patients. Mobile dentists treat patients with empathy and calm down patients facing any kind of pain during a dental procedure.  

Mobile dentistry allows dentists to expand their patient base exponentially. They reach out to new patients by opening their instant mobile dental unit. It provides an opportunity to expand their dental practice and be known in areas where people are willing to avail dental treatments.  

According to general estimations, the initial cost of opening a mobile dental clinic is less than 40,000 dollars. It is much less than establishing a static dental clinic, where the expenses can reach above 250,000 dollars. 

Final Thoughts 

Mobile dentistry is a better choice for people who have limited mobility, are aged, or are disabled. It saves them time, cost, energy, and resources to avail dental services at their doorsteps. If you are wondering whether you can avail of our mobile dental services, contact us to schedule an appointment now. 

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