The many uses of composite resin dental bonding

Composite resin bonding is a specialized plastic material used in many dentistry areas. Dr. Cheng Zhu primarily uses this dental bonding to repair teeth, but it actually has many different uses at Freedom Dental in Fairfield, California.

How is composite resin dental bonding used in dental practices?

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  • Aesthetics. Composite resin dental bonding is used to repair discolored or imperfectly shaped teeth. This technique involves using dental composite material to shape and reshape the tooth structure and rebuild the original look and feel of the natural tooth. The resin is matched to the color of surrounding teeth, providing a more natural-looking result that can be indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure.
  • Cavity fillings. Composite resin is also commonly used to treat tooth decay or cavities. This tooth-colored material is perfect for treating cavities as it blends with the natural tooth enamel and allows for repair without looking obvious as a dental restoration.
  • Gaps between teeth. Another use for composite resin bonding is in gap-closing procedures, where it can be used to close gaps between teeth caused by overcrowding or misalignment. By filling in these spaces with the composite material, Dr. Zhu can ensure no visible gaps are present. Not only does this address a cosmetic issue, but it can also keep food from getting trapped between the teeth and causing decay with time.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth. Composite resin dental bonding is also an effective treatment for restoring badly damaged front teeth due to trauma from an accident or injury. The composite resin is applied directly onto the tooth, shaped into place, cured, and polished to complete the look.
  • Silver amalgam filling replacement. Dr. Zhu encourages patients to refrain from having silver amalgam fillings placed when areas of decay develop, as these fillings contain mercury and other potentially hazardous materials. Composite bonding ensures a healthy, natural-looking smile is restored without compromising safety standards and one’s overall health and wellness.

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