Dr. Cheng Zhu

Patients in Fairfield, California, trust the caring, compassionate family dental care offered by Cheng Zhu, DMD, of Freedom Dental. He offers affordable, quality treatments in-office and provides mobile dentistry for older adults and the physically disabled. Dental care at Freedom Dental helps ensure your smile looks and feels great. Whether you need a dental crown, emergency dental care, implants, or a tooth extraction, Dr. Zhu can help. Dr. Zhu is a former pharmacist who can support your overall health as well as your oral health. He’s one of the few dentists licensed in California to provide IV conscious sedation to ease any dental anxiety and help you get the care you need. Freedom Dental features some of the most innovative technology available to provide you with exceptional care. The practice’s goal is to provide you with treatments that are comfortable, effective, and less invasive. The staff is also diligent about cleanliness and sanitation, conducting deep cleanings after every patient visit. Make your appointment at the comfortable office of Freedom Dental Care today. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

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What sets Dr. Zhu apart?

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He understands medication and dentistry.

As a former pharmacist, Dr. Zhu has a background in medication that other dentists don’t.

He uses that expertise to ensure your dental treatments and medicinal needs are always in harmony, helping you safely enjoy better health from head to toe.

He’s one of the state’s top sedation dentists.

To make sure every visit is anxiety-free, Dr. Zhu has earned a license to provide IV conscious sedation. Along with gas sedation or sedation tablets, it’s one of the many ways he works to make visiting the dentist more comfortable.

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He invests in the latest technology.

Newer technology doesn’t always mean better care. But when Dr. Zhu sees an opportunity for a new dental innovation to help you get treatment that’s less invasive or more safe and comfortable, he takes it.

He’s a stickler for sterilization.

Even before COVID-19, cleanliness was always near the top of Dr. Zhu’s priority list.

Today, it’s an even bigger part of everyday care at Freedom Dental, with thorough cleanings following each patient visit, and a deep-cleaning at the end of each day.

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Dental care is more accessible with Dr. Zhu

Mobile Dentistry

Ideal for anyone with limited mobility.

Emergency Dentistry

Urgent care at any hour of the day.