Safer Surgery. Faster Healing. It All Starts With A Scan.

When you’re getting dental implants, you want your dentist to have all the information they need to perform your surgery as safely and accurately as possible.

That’s what a CBCT scan does. It’s fast, safe, and painless for you, but gives us a crystal-clear 3D look at your mouth, jaws, and teeth, letting us plan your surgery so that it’s less invasive and has a higher chance of success.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • State-of-the-Art Dental Office
  • 2 Convenient Locations
  • All Dental Treatments Under One Roof
  • Great Insurance Support (In Network With Most PPOs)
  • Financing Options Available
  • Prompt Service
  • Friendly Staff
  • Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

Getting Your CBCT Scan

Step 1 — Visit us for a consultation

This is where you’ll learn more what a CBCT scan involves, and how it can support your dental implant procedure. If you decide to get a scan, we’ll also ask you some health questions – like whether you’re pregnant, for example – so we can prepare the appropriate safety measures.

Step 2 — Book your CBCT scan

If you decide to get a scan, you’ll be able to book an appointment during your consultation or after you go home. The scan is quick and easy – you don’t need to do anything the night before your scan, and you’ll be able to drive yourself to and from the clinic.

Step 3 — Arrive and prepare for the scan

Once you arrive, you’ll receive a brief rundown of what you can expect, then you’ll be asked to wear a shielding vest and remove your glasses and any other metal objects like jewellery that you may be wearing.

Step 4 — Complete the scan

Next, you’ll step into the scanning area of the machine, where you’ll receive directions on how to position your body and head. After that, you’ll be asked to stay still while the scan is performed, but don’t worry about getting tired – the scan only takes about 10 seconds.

Step 5 — Review the results with your dentist

Once the scan finishes, it’ll automatically transfer to a computer where your dentist will be able to review the results with you. The scan will be able to tell us if you need more dental work before getting implants, or if you can proceed with getting them right away.

Not All Dental Equipment Is Made Equal

Freedom Dental only uses the latest, top-of-the-line scanning technology from 3shape.

Increased safety

Worried about radiation? Don’t be. Our scanner captures high quality scans while only delivering very low doses.

Better accuracy

Safety doesn’t mean compromising on image quality. A unique rotating shutter lets us take detailed, crystal clear scans.

Improved comfort

Forget about head clamps and laser guides. ScanComfort technology makes your scanning experience simpler, faster, and more comfortable.

Make Your Dental Implants A Success

Avoid potential complications and give yourself the best possible chance of a successful dental implants procedure. Schedule your CBCT scan consultation today, and enjoy the convenience and comfort of problem-free dental implants for decades to come.