Mobile Dental Clinic Service

House call dental care for seniors and physically disabled individuals in Fairfield

Having limited mobility shouldn’t stop you from getting top quality dental care.

That’s why Freedom Dental offers mobile dental care to seniors, disabled individuals, and anyone who has difficulty visiting our clinic.

It lets you receive the same gentle and effective care that you would get at our clinic, but right from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

How it works

Book your at-home mobile dentistry appointment in 3 easy steps

Scheduling an appointment with Freedom Dental’s mobile dentistry team couldn’t be simpler. Follow the steps below and you’ll be receiving in-home dental care in no time!

Step 1

Call us to book an appointment or use the online booking form on our website.
Remember to tell us that you’re booking an appointment for our mobile dental clinic service. Also, if there are any special details – like a buzzer code or unit number – that our mobile dentistry team will need to visit your home, be sure to let us know!

Step 2

Be ready for our mobile dentistry team on the day of your appointment.
Our team works hard to be punctual and prepared, so you don’t want to miss them by accident! We’ll call you a day in advance to confirm your appointment, but if something comes up and you need to cancel, please tell us as soon as you can.

Step 3

Relax, settle in, and receive your in-home treatment.
Everything you need to comfortably receive your treatment will be provided by our mobile dentistry team. For special procedures like denture fittings, we’ll even send a lab technician to your home to examine your mouth and take your measurements.

Our mobile dental clinic treatments

The following treatments are available from our mobile dentistry team
Root Canals

On-site care designed around your needs

Freedom Dental’s mobile dental clinic service isn’t just a van filled with dental tools.

It’s a comprehensive dental solution based on the expertise of our very own Dr. Cheng Zhu, who spent years working with seniors and disabled individuals as a dentist in the Sierra Nevada Health System’s Veterans Affairs facility.
With that knowledge, Dr. Zhu designed Freedom Dental’s mobile dental clinic service to serve and support the oral healthcare needs of people with limited mobility, ensuring that everyone in Fairfield has access to the high-quality dental service they deserve.

Mobile Dentistry FAQs

I don’t have mobility difficulties but I’m interested in receiving at-home care. Can I use Freedom Dental’s mobile dental clinic service?

We’d eventually love to open up our mobile dental clinic service to everyone, but right now it’s only available to people in the Fairfield community who have mobility difficulties, like seniors or individuals with a disability.

Are your mobile dental clinic service hours the same as your regular hours?

At the moment, mobile dental clinic hours are limited to Fridays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. That means space for appointments is limited, so be sure to book your appointments in advance!

I’m a new patient. Can I use your mobile dental clinic service?

Yes! Just make sure you’ve printed and filled out our New Patient, Privacy Practices, and Appointment Cancellation forms to give to the mobile dentistry team when they arrive.

Discover accessible mobile dental care from one of Fairfield’s top-rated dentists

If you’ve been putting off seeing the dentist because of your mobility, our mobile dental clinic service is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s the same top-quality service you know and trust brought straight to your home, so you can keep on eating and smiling with total confidence in the strength and health of your teeth.
Book your next appointment with our mobile dentistry team by calling/texting Freedom Dental at (707) 422-2236, or by sending us a message through the online form on our contact page.