Aftercare For Tooth Extraction

Aftercare For Tooth Extraction

When a small cavity or tooth decay occurs, some dental treatments like cleaning can easily be covered up. Many teeth get impacted while coming out but exposing the upper surface will do the. But sometimes, the only option you are left with is tooth extraction when the decay spreads deeply to the jawbone or when the impacted teeth get blocked, like wisdom teeth. 

The process of tooth extraction is the permanent removal of your teeth. People often go with missing teeth for their whole life, but surveys reveal a lack of confidence when it comes to eating or laughing their hearts out. Some people go for dental implants that work pretty much like your regular teeth to get the perfect teeth. 


The teeth are lined by soft tissues and are inserted into the socket of your jawbone naturally. Before pulling out the teeth for extraction, your dentist widens the socket to pull out the teeth. This process doesn't only weaken the surrounding tissues but also disturbs the natural bone. 

Final Thoughts 

The success rate of tooth extraction is above 90%, which means it works well for almost all people. There is no complication if proper care is done. Once the tissues heal, there is no risk of pain and infection. You can get the implants after extraction if you face any difficulty due to missing teeth. 

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When should you get tooth extraction?

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