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Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD

Bringing true passion for dental care to Fairfield

fairfield-dentist How do you know Dr. Cheng Zhu really cares about helping you have great oral health? It’s not because he has a degree in dentistry from the prestigious Temple University School of Dentistry. Nor is it because he sought out extensive training in sedation dentistry from the Dental College of Georgia. It also has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists, and the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. Nope. You know Dr. Zhu really cares about dentistry because he had a promising, lucrative career as a licensed pharmacist, and he gave it all up to pursue his true passion: helping people have beautiful, healthy smiles. It’s a commitment that he’s nurtured for over 15 years, taking 100+ hours of continuing education each year and working painstakingly with the world’s best dental experts to find the latest, most comfortable and effective techniques for his patients.

"Absolutely amazing! I've never been to a dentist soo caring and understanding of their patients. This is definitely going to be my family dentist - highly recommended. Thank you!"

Jesus M.

Your Fairfield dentist with the expertise to see the big picture

Dr. Zhu might be out of the pharmacy industry, but that doesn’t mean his pharmaceutical knowledge is going to waste. 

He puts that expertise to work every day, making sure that your medicinal and dental needs are in sync, and that you’re receiving all-around care which looks after not just your mouth, but your entire body.

The Fairfield Dentist Certified for your comfort

Some people just aren’t fans of seeing the dentist. The whole experience can make them feel fearful or uncomfortable. If that sounds familiar to you, don’t worry – Dr. Zhu can help!

As one of California’s few general dentists with a license to perform IV conscious sedation dentistry, visiting Dr. Zhu lets you receive your treatment in total comfort. That’s right – no feelings of anxiety and no pain, just the great feeling of knowing you’ve got a fantastic, healthy smile.

Better technology for a difference you can feel

When you need to cook a meal, do you start building a fire? Probably not – at least not when you can just use a stove or an oven.

Dr. Zhu feels the same way about dental care. He’s a big believer in using the best tool for the job, which is why he’s always on the lookout for new dental technologies that’ll provide you with treatment that’s comfortable, effective, and lets you heal faster.

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A full doctor profile is on the way!

Don’t push your oral health aside for another day.

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