Full Mouth Dental Implants in Fairfield

Laugh again. Love again. Live again.

Do it all again with full mouth dental implants and a brand new smile.

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Pay in Installments with Low-interest Financing

IV Conscious Sedation Available

Complete Renewal

Your real smile is waiting for you.

It doesn’t chafe or shift like dentures, and there are no gaps or teeth that stick out. It fits you perfectly, because it was made for you and no one else.

Durable, delightful, and definitely comfortable, full mouth dental implants don’t replace your real smile – they become your real smile.

Liberate Your Smile

Discover how full mouth dental implants change everything

Conquer Smile Anxiety

Put your worries about having denture slip-ups or being judged for your smile behind you.

Rediscover the World

Find a new career. Find love. Or just find a new favorite food. Your smile won’t get in the way.

Strengthen Your Oral Health

Good looks, better health. Your new smile is easy on the eyes - and easy to care for, too.

The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

An Investment In Lifelong Comfort

You can expect the procedure to cost between $12,000 and $25,000 per jaw, with the average cost of a full mouth dental implant procedure coming in at around $35,000.

Pricey? Yes. Worth every penny for a lifetime of confident smiles? Absolutely.

We can help you save.

As a member of our Keep Me Healthy Program, you can save 15% on your full mouth dental implants.

Our Full Mouth Dental Implants Process

Step 1 - Consult with Dr. Zhu

First - a chat with Dr. Zhu. He’ll assess your mouth and create a plan that works for your health and budget. If you need bone grafting or gum disease care before getting your implants, he’ll set you up with a plan for that too.

Step 2 - Get your personalized plan

Through a full set of scans and exams, we’ll create a precise surgical approach to lower the risk of complications and speed up your healing time. It’ll also help us create a more comfortable dental prosthetic for you and - more importantly - let you preview your new smile!

Step 3 - Receive your implants

Next, we’ll place your implants - the pieces that connect your dental prosthetic to your jaw. Usually, 4 or 6 implants are used to create a strong hold. Once this step is done, we’ll give you a temporary set of teeth to wear while your implants integrate into your jaw.

Step 4 - Let your jaw heal

This might be the hardest part: waiting. It can take up to 6 months for your implants to fully settle into your jaw, but the wait is worth it. By the end, you’ll have a set of strong, secure implants that can last for decades.

Step 5 - Love your new smile

Once your jaw has fully healed, we’ll fit you with your new smile. Personalized for your mouth and jaws, it’ll look natural and feel comfortable. You’ll still need you to come back for a couple of check-ups afterwards, but at this point you’ll be free to enjoy life with a full smile!

Why choose Freedom Dental?

Because we get it.

The chance to smile again. To eat what you love. To find love. To do everything your smile has been holding you back from. We understand how much this treatment means to you.

It’s one of the biggest investments you might make in your life. It takes months and multiple visits to complete – and that’s why you want Dr. Zhu looking after you.

While you invest in your smile, he invests in your care. Better technology. The latest techniques. Even certification as one of the state’s only licensed IV-sedation dentists. Everything for you.

So, why choose Freedom Dental? Because we recognize your smile dreams – and we’re here to make them come true.

“Best Dentist Office I’ve Ever Been To”

Right when I walked in, the ladies at the front desk were so kind and patient. I wasn’t able to pay up front but they worked with me and were able to come up with a plan. Dr.Zhu was the absolute best – he made me feel comfortable right off the bat. Best dentist office I’ve ever been to.
— Angie R.

Know Your Treatment

Names like “All-on-4” are actually registered trademarks, like product names. You can think of them like branded full mouth implant products, like how “Coca Cola” and “Sprite” are product names for soda.

For the most part, the procedure isn’t going to be uncomfortable – especially if you get sedation from Dr. Zhu. You’ll feel more bruising and swelling after the surgery, but most people are able to manage their discomfort with over-the-counter medications.

In the weeks after your implants are placed, you’ll want to stick to softer foods until you can comfortably eat without feeling much discomfort. Soups, stews, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soft-cooked vegetables, and other easy-to-chew foods are ideal.

You’ll want to be gentle with them, especially for the first few days to avoid reopening any sutures. Brush your teeth extra carefully, and rinse your mouth with a salt-water solution to reduce the chances of getting an infection.

We strongly recommend taking at least a full day off for the procedure, preferably two or three. After that the swelling and discomfort should have subsided enough that you can comfortably go back to working or taking classes.

If you maintain good oral hygiene and you avoid eating especially hard or acidic foods, you can certainly expect your dental implants to last for 20 years or more. Take great care of your full mouth dental implants, and there’s no reason they won’t last a lifetime.

Welcome back to the land of the smiling.

A lifetime of smiles is waiting. Go out and get it with full mouth dental implants.