Emergency Dental Care in Fairfield, CA

Need Urgent Dental Care?

If your mouth has sharp pain that just won’t go away, bleeding that isn’t stopping, or a tooth that’s fallen out, Dr. Zhu is ready to help.

Call the Freedom Dental Emergency Hotline
Remember, the hotline is for true dental emergencies.

If you’re looking for help with billing, insurance, appointment bookings, or something else, send us a message online or call us at (707) 244-7351.

Because emergencies don’t follow business hours.

Daytime, nighttime – accidents are a part of life. And when an accident happens, sometimes it’s more than you can handle on your own.

If your mouth has a serious injury, or if you’re experiencing severe unbearable pain, you can count on Freedom Dental to take the stress out of the situation and set you on the road to recovery.

With around-the-clock monitoring for our emergency treatment phone line, Fairfield residents know that - whether it’s a broken tooth or a painful infection - the specialists at Freedom Dental will be there for all the times when treatment just can’t wait.

Protecting and preserving your oral health

When you call our emergency hotline, you’ll be connected with a member of our staff.

They’ll ask you for more information about your emergency, and give you instructions on how you can manage the situation until you’re able to meet directly with our dental team at the clinic.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a dental emergency? Here are some of the most common dental emergencies we treat.


Severe tooth pain is usually a sign that a tooth has exposed or infected nerves. Applying cold to the affected area with an ice pack can give you relief until you’re able to receive treatment, which typically involves getting a root canal.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

A tooth can become cracked or chipped through an accident, physical activity, or overnight tooth grinding. In most cases treatment just involves getting dental bonding or a veneer, although more serious damage may call for a crown or replacement tooth (dental implant).

Lost Permanent Tooth

It’s fairly common for a tooth to accidentally get knocked out while playing sports or because of an accident. If that happens, you should call us immediately then hurry to the clinic - the sooner the tooth is correctly re-seated in its socket, the more likely it is that it’ll take root again.

Broken Filling or Lost Crown

Crowns and fillings can be damaged or dislodged by biting down on something especially hard, because of tooth grinding, or during an accident. Broken fillings will need to be replaced, but in most cases a dislodged crown can be reattached, so clean it and bring it with you to the clinic.

Heavy Bleeding

Bleeding in the mouth is never a good sign, and if the flow of blood is heavy and persistent, you should call us immediately for emergency treatment. To control and reduce the bleeding, use gauze and apply an ice pack to the affected area until you arrive at the clinic.

Fairfield Dentists

Preparation Meets Expertise

You can’t know when an emergency will happen. But just like with earthquakes, fires, and floods, you can take steps to be ready.

On top of our years of collective expertise, we’ve put rigorous procedures into place to make sure we’re prepared for a range of urgent dental emergencies. So when you need immediate dental care, you can count on our team’s extensive preparation and expertise to get the situation under control and preserve your oral health.

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If you’re living in the Fairfield area and need dental care right away, the Freedom Dental team is ready to help.