Root Canal Treatment


Struggling with sharp pain in your tooth?

Stop the pain and save your smile with a root canal treatment.

Pain and sensitivity in, or around, one of your teeth can be a sign that the there’s an infection inside the tooth. A root canal treatment clears out the infection and protects your tooth, letting you get back to a life free from discomfort.

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Root Canal Symptoms

Signs of infection to watch out for:

Sharp pain when biting or chewing

Swelling or tenderness in your gums

Lasting tooth sensitivity towards hot and cold

Darkening or decay in your gums


Our Root Canal Treatment Process

A step-by-step guide of what you can expect.

Step 1 - Examine Your Tooth

Using our high-precision 3D x-ray equipment, we’ll identify the source of the pain or swelling in your mouth and devise a plan to treat it.


Step 2 - Prepare Your Tooth

Next, we’ll prepare your tooth and give you a local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. If you want, you can also take a sedative that’ll help you feel even more relaxed.


Step 3 - Clean The Infected Areas

We’ll create a small opening in the crown of your tooth, then gently and thoroughly clear the infected tissue from your root canals (which is where the treatment gets its name from).


Step 4 - Fill Your Cleaned Tooth

Once the tooth is completely clean, it’ll be filled with a safe, biocompatible material before being sealed with a temporary filling that'll protect your tooth until we put in your crown.


Step 5 - Protect Your Tooth With A Crown

To protect your newly cleaned tooth, we’ll schedule a follow-up visit to provide you with a crown that’ll make your tooth as strong and resilient as it should be.


Make Your Root Canal Treatment Effortless

When you come in for a root canal treatment, you want to get rid of your pain for good, and you want to do it with as little discomfort as possible.

We’ve invested in advanced dental equipment and are home to one the state’s leading sedation dentistry specialists, Dr. Zhu. Together, those factors add up to root canal treatments that are fast, reliable, and totally stress-free.

See why our patients trust us with their smiles.

We love Freedom Dental!

My wife Michelle has had several procedures there including sedation dentistry and root canals. They are exceedingly compassionate, highly skilled, and always professional.

They put you at ease when you come in with fear or anxiety and we cannot say enough good things about them. Dr. Zhu takes wonderful care of us and we will never go to any other dentist.

Andrew B.


Root Canal Treatment FAQs

People say a lot of things about root canals. We’ll tell you what’s true, what isn’t, and what’s more complicated than just true or untrue.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

A root canal treatment involves two visits – one to get your tooth cleaned, and another to place your crown. The cleaning takes about 1 hour, and the crown fitting takes around 30 minutes.

What causes teeth to get infected?

Deep cavities and tooth damage – like fractures or cracked roots – can allow bacteria to enter your tooth, infecting the pulp of the tooth and leading to swelling and pain.

Does getting a root canal treatment hurt?

Thanks to local anesthetic and modern techniques, root canal treatment is typically pain-free. You might feel some sensitivity and discomfort after your treatment, but that can be addressed with pain relief medication and should disappear on its own after a few days.

Is it safe to get a root canal treatment during pregnancy?

Most concerns with root canal treatment during pregnancy come from the use of x-rays, but according to the American Dental Association and American College of Radiology, dental x-rays are entirely safe during pregnancy as long as proper shielding is used – and we always use proper shielding here at Freedom Dental.

Is there a link between root canal treatment and cancer?

While there are a lot of claims out there about root canal treatment and cancer, there’s no reliable scientific evidence showing that root canal treatment causes cancer or increases a person’s risk of developing it.


Say goodbye to the pain.

If you’re dealing with a tooth infection, it won’t just disappear by itself.

The faster you act, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to save your tooth, so don’t just dull the pain and ignore the problem – make the choice that’s right for your long-term health.

You won’t just be getting relief from the pain, you’ll be protecting the beauty and integrity of your entire smile for years to come.

Don’t push your oral health aside for another day.

If you’ve been putting off your next dental appointment because of how you’re expecting it to feel, request inhalation sedation! Call us today at (707) 422-2236 to schedule or…

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