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Dental Implants in Fairfield, CA

Seamlessly natural. Reliably functional. You’ll forget they’re even there.

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15+ Years Implant Experience

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Compromises out. Teeth replacement in.

When you’re missing teeth, it can feel like you’re missing out on a whole lot more.

Dental implants change that, letting you get back to smiling, laughing, eating, and doing everything without feeling held back by missing teeth or loose dentures.


With dental implants, you can:

Smile confidently icon

Smile confidently

The days of hiding your smile are over. Be proud of your smile again, whenever, wherever.

Eat what you want icon

Eat what you want

Say cheese. And steak. Or popcorn. With a complete smile, menus are yours to explore.

Care for your smile the right way icon

Care for your smile the right way

Just restoring your smile makes it healthier. But it also makes flossing & brushing easier too.

Enjoy the feeling of a natural smile icon

Enjoy the feeling of a natural smile

Dentures? They work, but are less than ideal. Dental implants? You won’t even notice them.


How much do dental implants cost?

It depends. On what? On how many teeth you need to replace, where those teeth are in your mouth, and whether you need other treatments to prepare your mouth for dental implants.

Generally, you can expect the treatment to be in the four-figure range.

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Feeling sticker shock? We can help.

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Our Dental Implants Process

Talk to Dr. Zhu

Step 1 - Talk to Dr. Zhu

He’ll help you understand whether the treatment is right for you, how much it’ll cost, and what you can expect.


Prepare for your procedure

Step 2 - Prepare for your procedure

Next, we’ll assess your mouth. If you have oral health concerns like gum disease or low jawbone density, we’ll address those before placing your implants.


Get your implants placed

Step 3 - Get your implants placed

Dr. Zhu will place your implants and fit you with temporary crowns to wear while your jaw grows around your implants.


Receive your crown

Step 4 - Receive your crown(s)

After a few months, your implants will be securely part of your jaw. At that point, we’ll create a custom-fit crown for each implant.


Get the perfect fit

Step 5 - Get the perfect fit

You’ll be given some time to get used to your new crowns. If anything doesn’t feel 100% natural, come back and we’ll adjust it until it does.


You want a dentist who knows dental implants

Dr. Zhu

Dr. Zhu is that dentist

Don’t know if dental implants are right for you? He’ll give you an honest answer. Worried about the cost? He’ll walk you through your options and treatment alternatives.

Dr. Zhu’s expertise improves every part of your treatment, from start to finish. He’s invested in his skills and his practice’s technology to give you a better experience – and the best results.

  • 15+ Years Implant Experience
  • Precise Digital Treatment Planning
  • State-leading Sedation Expertise
  • In-house Crown Milling

“He treats every tooth with the detail of a sculptor.”

Top notch dentist. High tech equipment, excellent service, pain sensitive and, above all, the man is an artist. He treats every tooth with the detail of a sculptor. He’s a master with the Novocain shot, kind with the root canals, makes high tempered crowns while you wait and the implant I’ve had is my strongest tooth.

No, he’s not paying me to say all this – I’ve been with him for over 25 years and my teeth are much better for it. Highly recommended!

— Tim L.

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From Vacaville to Suisun City

Maybe you’ve been with us for years, or maybe you’re looking for a dentist who lives up to your expectations. Either way, we’re happy to bring the life-changing impact of dental implants to smiles from all across Solano County.


Get answers to your dental implants questions

Is the procedure painful?

Well, what counts as painful depends on who you ask, but – generally speaking – with local anesthetic and sedation, it’s probably not as uncomfortable as you might imagine.

Will I be able to drive and work after the procedure?

You won’t be able to drive right after your surgery, so you should take transit home or arrange to have someone pick you up. We recommend resting for 1-3 days before going back to work.

How should I care for my temporary crown(s)?

You should brush and floss normally, while avoiding foods that are especially sticky, chewy, hard, or sugary. You should also try not to put very hot or cold food near your temporary crown(s).

I’m a senior. Can I still get dental implants?

The health of your mouth is actually more important than your age. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll assess your mouth and dental history to see if you can get dental implants.

How do I care for my dental implants?

The same way you would care for your natural teeth – with regular flossing, brushing, and routine checkups at your dentist.

How much do veneers cost with insurance?

Unfortunately, since veneers are often categorized as a cosmetic – in other words, non-essential – procedure, most insurance providers don’t cover it. There are other options that can help make the treatment more affordable though, like financing or our Keep Me Healthy membership plans.

Restore your smile (and your swagger) with dental implants.

Mealtime. Social time. Anytime. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a complete, confident smile that’s ready for wherever life takes you.

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