What to Look for in a Denture

What to Look for in a Denture

When dentures are made the right way, they significantly improve oral functionality and aesthetics. However, there are other aspects of dentures that also matter. In particular, dentures should be comfortable. Let’s take a closer look at what to look for in a denture.

What Matters Most: The Right Fit

Dentures1 that do not fit properly will cause discomfort, possibly slide out of your mouth and ultimately make you feel nervous in social settings. Do not let this happen! Above all, your denture should feel good in your mouth. After all, there is no sense placing a denture in the mouth that looks good if it does not feel right. Avoid the trap of emphasizing aesthetics over function and feel and you will enjoy your dentures that much more.

Establishing the ideal fit begins with the dentist taking impressions of your unique mouth. Our dental team relies on the highest quality impression material that highlights even minor textural nuances. Our dentist also goes to the extent of checking the impression to ensure there is no bubbling or voids that can result in a flawed denture. This approach ultimately saves that much more time and effort across posterity as fewer return visits are necessary. Our dental team also goes to the extent of ensuring the denture does not cause pressure points on the tissue below. Pressure points are problematic in that they have the potential to prove just as bothersome as a piece of food lodged in the mouth.

Pressure points can even spur tissue inflammation that has the potential to create issues with denture fit down the line. Pressure points will be removed when the denture is delivered to ensure optimal oral health and comfort. A denture that fits properly will last for years or longer. However, there is the potential for natural alterations in the gums and tissues to cause the dentures to slightly loosen. If this occurs, speak up! We are more than willing to help. Our dental team will adjust and reline the denture to ensure it fits like new.

The Denture Should Look Completely Natural

The best denture provides optimal form and function. Dentures should resemble natural teeth yet we have all seen unsightly dentures that look completely artificial. Put your faith in our dental team and you will be provided with a denture that looks perfect. We sweat the small stuff, meaning we are willing to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your idiosyncratic mouth and help you select the materials that look natural.

Denture tooth shape is of particular importance. The shape of denture teeth is partially dictated by patient preference yet there are genetic factors that also make a difference. As an example, there are differences in tooth shape based on patient sex and ethnicity. Denture tooth size is based on the arch length if a complete denture is required. If you require a partial denture, the amount of space between the remaining teeth matters a great deal.

Perhaps most important in terms of smile aesthetics is the shade of the denture tooth. Denture shade hinges on the aesthetics of the teeth currently in the mouth as well as your unique skin complexion. Those set to receive a partial denture will be provided with a tooth shade that suits their unique teeth. The overarching aim is to achieve a white smile yet it is possible for a smile to be overly-white. If your teeth are uber-white, they will look fake and people will ultimately consider you somewhat of a phony or a bit disingenuous.


The best dentures function similar to natural teeth. Optimal denture function is accomplished when the mouth has contact balance. This phrase means when biting, all of the teeth should contact one another in unison. Furthermore, when the mouth is resting, the teeth should contact in a manner that feels completely natural.

If you notice any inconsistencies in functionality or feel after your dentures are in place, simply reach out to our dental office so we can perform the proper adjustment to guarantee a properly balanced bite. We will also ensure the denture does not impinge on oral tissue when the mouth moves. Soft tissues move within the mouth when talking, eating, etc. Discomfort will arise if the denture interferes with these tissues. This discomfort is completely preventable if you select the right dentist.

Denture Framework Also Matters

Dentures mandate a framework for support, typically referred to as a partial or full plate. Such plates can be comprised of hard acrylic resin or a flexible material known as polymer. Some denture frameworks are even made with chrome cobalt metal. The dentist will take an impression of your gums to generate a mold. This mold is used for a wax model that the teeth are added to. This model is tested in your mouth to guarantee it has the proper size, color and fit.

Your Denture Should Replicate Real Teeth…to an Extent

If your denture still feels artificial and obtrusive after several wears, there might be something wrong. Though dentures cannot replicate the sensations that move through the teeth, they should still function, feel and look like real teeth. Do not settle for anything less.

When in Doubt, Lean on Your Dentist

Your dentist has fitted countless patients with dentures of varying types. If you have any questions about the best denture for your mouth, consult with your dentist. Though your dentist cannot feel the denture’s comfort (or lack thereof), this professional’s advice and insight will prove invaluable.

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