What are the Services and Treatments Offered in Mobile Dentistry?

What are the Services and Treatments Offered in Mobile Dentistry?

Can you avail of dental health services outside a regular clinic or hospital? The answer is yes, provided your area offers a mobile dental unit. Mobile dentistry is a recent dentistry trend that is gaining immense popularity nowadays. It caters to dental health services outside a dental clinic and uses portable equipment to facilitate patients. It is specifically helpful for marginalized and disadvantaged communities who do not have easy access to dental health services. It is also suitable for patients who cannot travel due to aging or general health concerns. 

Mobile dental units can help such patients to access dental services from the comfort of their homes. From diagnostics to tooth extractions, mobile dentists offer plenty of services. Find out more about mobile dentistry in this article. 

What is Mobile Dentistry? 

Mobile dentistry is a form of dental treatment that brings a dentist to the patient’s place. It provides on-site dental services rather than visiting the dentist at the clinic or hospital. Dental health services are available in dental vans, including comprehensive yet preventive services.   

Mobile dentistry offers access to dental health care needs for patients who cannot visit a fixed facility. A mobile dental unit could include a single dentist or a team of dental professionals to carry out the patient’s task. In whatsoever case, a mobile dental unit has a specialized staff to facilitate patients get rid of the ongoing dental problem. 

Benefits of Mobile Dentistry

Mobile dentistry has many benefits, both for the patients and the dentists. Let’s have a quick look at them. 

Mobile dentistry provides easy access to dental health care needs to patients who cannot visit the dentist. These include patients who live in far-flung areas, are aged, cannot travel, or due to other reasons. 

Mobile dentists provide various dental services to cure the patient’s underlying problem. It relieves patients who cannot visit the dentist at their earliest. 

Mobile dentistry also facilitates dentists. It has a low startup cost, and the dentist can expand his dental practice. 

Mobile dentists can enjoy a flexible work schedule and need not be present for a fixed period like in a traditional office. One can choose the locations or hours that seem most convenient. 

Services Offered by Mobile Dentists

Mobile dentistry primarily covers diagnostic and comprehensive services by using portable equipment. However, referral, preventive, and screening services are more prevalent than others. The most common services offered by mobile dentists include: 

Mobile dentists use dental exams, x-rays, and intra-oral images for oral health assessment patients. This assessment helps to diagnose the patient’s problem, and mobile dentists treat it accordingly. 

Mobile dentists usually offer preventive services to keep the patient’s teeth and gums healthy. These include treatments such as regular or professional cleaning, applying dental sealants, or fluoride varnish. 

Sometimes, patients require root canal therapy but cannot visit the dentist alone. Mobile dentistry then assists those patients to avail of the treatment from the comfort of their homes. It provides immediate surgical care such as root canals, dental fillings, or extractions to cure the patient. 

Nonsurgical periodontal therapy aims to control periodontal infection by eliminating calculus, toxins, and bacteria. Mobile dentists provide this service at a mobile dental unit to provide immediate relief to the patient. 

Sometimes, a patient’s oral structures get damaged due to an injury, trauma, an underlying condition, or otherwise. Restorative dental services repair those damaged oral structures to aid the patient. Mobile dentists provide these restorative options to assist the patient’s chewing capability. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile dentistry offers excellent support to patients in need. It relieves patients who undergo extreme dental pain and require immediate help. Also, it facilitates dentists who can save time, energy, and cost and expand their dental practice.

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