The Difference Sedation Dentistry Can Make

The Difference Sedation Dentistry Can Make

Do you hesitate to schedule appointments with the dentist due to fear, nervousness or bad experiences at the dentist’s office in the past? If so, you should know you are not alone in your crowd. The average person does not look forward to dental appointments. Furthermore, a considerable percentage of people fear dental treatments and procedures. Thankfully, relief has arrived in the form of sedation dentistry. Today’s dental sedation techniques have advanced to the point that they provide optimal care without any of the typical anxiety or pain that accompanies traditional dental procedures. The overarching aim of each sedation dentistry approach is to induce feelings of intense relaxation to the point that the patient does not remember the treatment.

Sedation Dentistry is Comfortable

Few people report regular dental procedures are comfortable. In fact, some complain of considerable pain during certain dental procedures. Sedation dentistry eliminates the pain, making the time you spend in the dental treatment chair as comfortable as possible. The dentist will sedate you to just the right level so you are unaware of the treatment. You will wake feeling fantastic after the treatment is complete. You won’t have any memory of the treatment in the slightest. This is the dental treatment of your dreams, both literally and figuratively. You will be in a dream-like state while the dentist performs the treatment or procedure so you emerge from the experience pain-free and perfectly relaxed.

Dental Sedation Allows for Fast Procedures

No one wants to spend any more time than necessary in the dentist’s office. Even those who are sedated want to spend as little time in the chair as possible. Sedation dentistry1 fast-tracks dental treatments and procedures. You will be comfortable and relaxed, allowing the dentist to work with complete concentration for optimal results. The end result is a considerable savings of time and money.

Sedation Dentistry Eliminates the Gag Reflex Problem

Gag reflexes are a natural biological response that serves an important purpose. The throat must be able to reject items that are foreign and intrusive. However, if someone is aware when the dentist is performing an intricate operation in the mouth, the gag reflex will prove to be quite the problem. The dentist will find it challenging, if not impossible, to delve deep into the oral cavity when the gag reflex is present. Such spasms have the potential to cause damage during the dental procedure or treatment. The better solution is to opt for sedation dentistry in which the gag reflex is completely paralyzed. Sedation dentistry ultimately empowers the dentist to work as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining the patient’s comfort.

Sedation Dentistry is Ideal for Special Needs Patients

If you or a loved one have a sensory processing disorder or special needs of another sort, whether it is autism or another disorder, sedation dentistry will prove especially helpful. This approach to dentistry makes it easy for patients with such disorders to remain comfortable and calm. Prior to sedation dentistry, it was difficult for such individuals to receive dental treatment as the sessions in the dental chair were characterized by extreme discomfort and hypersensitivity.

If You are Afraid or Nervous About Dental Treatments, Opt for Sedation Dentistry

Above all, those who are fearful of dental treatment or nervous about going to the dentist’s office will find sedation dentistry to be the best approach. Sedation dentists go to great lengths to ensure each treatment and procedure is as comfortable and uneventful as possible. Try sedation dentistry and you will actually look forward to your next dental appointment knowing it will improve your oral health without causing pain.

Have You had Traumatic Dental Experiences? Sedation Dentistry is for You

Some patients detest dental visits as they have had some nightmarish experiences at the dentist’s office in the past. Painful experiences in the dentist’s chair as a child are particularly difficult to block out of the mind. If you hesitate to visit the dentist for exams, cleanings, treatments or procedures due to bad experiences at the dentist’s office in the past, you should know you are not alone. Plenty of people are fearful of the dentist due to painful experiences endured as a child, tween, teen or even as an adult. However, these negative experiences should not stop you from keeping your mouth healthy and your smile absolutely beautiful.

Sedation dentistry leaves no memory of the treatment or procedure so you will have absolutely no worry about whether this time in the dentist’s chair will leave a lasting impact. There is no chance of such a mental scar when you opt for sedation dentistry. The vast majority of patients who try sedation dentistry have little, if any, memory of the experience in the dentist’s chair. The majority remember sleeping through the procedure and waking upon the treatment’s completion. This aspect of sedation dentistry is particularly appealing to those who have had traumatic experiences at the dentist’s office in the past.

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