The Difference a Pediatric Dentist can Make

The Difference a Pediatric Dentist can Make

If you have a little one or a teenager in your home, do not bring him or her to a regular adult dentist. Your growing son or daughter should be treated by a pediatric dentist. There are a number of important differences between pediatric dentists and regular dentists. The quality of care a pediatric dentist can provide your child really does make a difference in oral health and beauty.

Set the Stage for a Healthy and Beautiful Mouth

Pediatric dentists establish a foundation for oral health care. Bring your child or teen to a pediatric dentist and he or she will learn all about how to properly care for the teeth and gums. The oral health care lessons your youngster picks up from visits with the pediatric dentist will prove helpful in the decades to come. These early years really are a golden opportunity to establish the optimal oral hygiene habits in children and pre-teens. Time is of the essence as it is possible for kids as young as two years of age to have cavities. Bring your little one to a pediatric dentist and this early analysis and treatment will ultimately prevent even more uncomfortable and costly dental procedures down the road.

Expert Analysis for Your Youngster’s Unique Mouth

There are meaningful differences between the mouths of adults and the mouths of children, pre-teens, and teens. Your child or teen needs a pediatric dentist’s trained eye and expertise to inspect for cavities, indications of tooth decay, gum decay and other oral health problems. Your pediatric dentist knows exactly where to look and the nuanced signs to look for when attempting to pinpoint cavities.

Pediatric Dentists can Even Help Parents

Parents should spend some time with the pediatric dentist. In fact, some pediatric dentists let parents sit in on the treatment or procedure to keep the child comfortable. Parents who listen closely to the pediatric dentist will pick up on some helpful tips that make it easier to convince kids to adhere to a detailed oral health care regimen. The guidance provided by a pediatric dentist will help your kids view brushing and flossing as something positive, healthy and essential for continued comfort. The end result just might be a willingness to brush and floss and a positive relationship with the dentist.

Pediatric Dentists Perform the Thorough Cleaning Your Child Needs

Pediatric dentists have specialized dental instruments specifically designed for use in the mouths of youngsters. The truth is most kids rush through their brushing and flossing sessions, leaving plaque, food particles and bacteria behind. So be sure to bring your little one to the pediatric dentist’s office at least once every six months for a comprehensive cleaning. The pediatric dentist will use specialized dental instruments to scrape plaque off the teeth and brighten your little one’s smile.

Your Child Will Receive Helpful Oral Health Care Instruction From the Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are more than willing to provide youngsters with helpful tips for improved tooth and gum health. The pediatric dentist will teach your little one the proper techniques for flossing and brushing. If your child has any sort of oral health problem such as misaligned teeth or shows signs of other issues, the pediatric dentist will tend to them right away. This oral health care professional has been trained to identify, treat and correct oral health care problems in the mouths of growing kids. He or she will pinpoint the early signs of looming problems that regular dentists might overlook.

Pediatric Dentists Make the Dental Experience Comfortable

Perhaps most importantly, the experience at the dentist’s office is that much more enjoyable when a child is treated by a pediatric dentist. These specialized dentists go to great lengths to ensure kids, pre-teens and teens are perfectly comfortable in the office. There is a considerable visual contrast between the average pediatric dentist’s office and that of the typical adult dentist.

Some pediatric dentists go as far as placing toys, games, and artwork in their waiting room to ensure the little ones are entertained. Others place TVs throughout the office and/or play soft music to ensure patients remain calm amidst potentially uncomfortable dental procedures. Though toys, colorful waiting rooms, and soothing music probably won’t convince your child that the dentist’s office is a fun place to be, these subtleties really do help settle down anxious kids.

The Pediatric Dentist Will Help Instill a Sense of Responsibility in Your Child

Bring your little one to the pediatric dentist and he or she will have a newfound sense of responsibility. The pediatric dentist is trained to communicate the importance of dental health and teeth/gum-cleaning techniques in a manner children can understand. Even if your child passively listens to the pediatric dentist describe how to properly care for the teeth and gums, this strategic approach will convince your child it is his or her responsibility to take care of their teeth.

Pediatric dentists know exactly how to communicate to kids that the manner and frequency at which they floss and brush their teeth dictates dental health in the years to come. However, kids are likely to tune out the same message when it is stated by parents and traditional adult dentists who have not specialized in the treatment of children’s teeth.

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