types of dental fillings

Types of Dental Fillings

Our teeth are a living matter that grows and wears out with the passage of time. However, some of the most common problems our teeth go through are a cavity, tooth decay, infections, etc. Whenever a tooth’s health is compromised either naturally or due to lack of proper dental care, the rest of our teeth get affected or damaged easily.

Once a tooth is damaged, cracked, or filled with cavities and infections, it is necessary to treat it immediately and the first treatment recommended is dental filling. A dental filling is an effective method to repair damaged teeth.

When to Get a Dental Filling?

The dental filling should only get carried out when a person starts to feel sensitivity in their mouth with extreme temperatures such as cold and hot. If a person begins to feel pain in the gums and teeth during hot and cold temperatures, food, and drinks, it is a sign that dental filling needs to occur.

Another reason to get a dental filling that most people ignore is when a tooth is damaged, broken, and filled with infection or cavity. Under all these conditions, a person should seek a dental filling.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are three different main types of dental fillings listed below:

  • White Fillings

White fillings are the most preferred dental fillings option in dentistry. White fillings are made from a plastic material known as “Composite resin” and have been most successful for treating damaged teeth.

The majority’s patient review for white fillings reported that it is the best type of dental fillings, as once placed, it is difficult to notice the dental fillings. It lasts longer due to its special agent glue which keeps the dental filling well-placed onto the teeth.

  • Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are dental fillings, and they are trendy due to the material used, which is pure silver. However, silver fillings they are tend to be expensive than white fillings. Silver fillings are visible to notice due to the silver color used in dental fillings.

According to the majority’s patient review for silver filling, silver fillings are not bonded well onto the tooth and make it loosen it up in the long run. Also, mercury is used in silver, which causes health problems, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

  • Gold Foil Fillings

These fillings are not used in today’s era due to the rare material gold used, which is expensive.

According to the majority’s patient review for gold foil fillings, no matter how well placed, the color of gold will always be visible, making it highly noticeable for dental fillings.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is essential to get dental fillings to make your smile look better, and it helps to fix the damaged tooth as well. Dental fillings are the best recommendation to repair bad teeth, which relieve the pain and comfort your life while eating peacefully. There are plenty of different options available for dental fillings; whichever suits your need, choose that option.


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