Root Canal Therapy for Front and Back Teeth

Root Canal Therapy for Front and Back Teeth 

Root canal therapy is a vitally important type of dental procedure that is designed primarily to help save a tooth that would otherwise be extracted or eventually fall out. It is a particular type of dental treatment that enjoys a very high success rate in terms of saving teeth for patients of all ages. The main focus of the root canal is to remove the diseased or decayed inner pulp of a tooth. Once all of the diseased or decayed material is removed, the inner canal of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Then an inert material is placed within the canal of the tooth to prevent future infections. 

Enabling Patients to Keep Their Natural Teeth 

 Enabling Patients to Keep Their Natural Teeth 

 The good news is that after a root canal, the tooth continues to function normally allowing for full functionality and enabling patients to keep their natural teeth. A root canal is commonly used for the larger back teeth can also be used for the front teeth. The procedure is generally simple and painless even when it is done for the front tooth. The first step for a root canal in a front tooth is to have an x-ray taken. Next, the area around the tooth is numbed using local anesthesia. The dentist will then surround the tooth with a barrier so that the work area is isolated. 

 Filled with A Polymer Material 

 The dentist then drills into the enamel in order to reach the pulp that resides deep within the tooth. All of the decay, disease, and injured tissue along with any dead or additional infected tissue within the root of the tooth is removed. Once the canal is completely and thoroughly cleaned out, space is then filled with a polymer material that helps to ensure tooth integrity. Finally, the access hole that was originally made is given a temporary filling. This protects from any possible infection while a permanent filling is ultimately the goal. 

Root Canal Therapy for Front Teeth

Root Canal Therapy for Front Teeth 

 Once the root canal has healed, a permanent crown can then be placed over the tooth. In order to protect it from infections or damage. Surprisingly, root canal treatment for front teeth is less painful and actually easier than doing the same type of work on a back tooth. This is because there is less pulp in the smaller front teeth. Front teeth root canal recovery time is also faster. As an added bonus, when a root canal is performed on front teeth, they may not even require a permanent crown. Contact your Fairfield dentist, Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD at Freedom Dental today to learn more about root canal therapy. 

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