Introducing Dental Implants

Introducing Dental Implants

Dental implants are the replacements for missing teeth without roots. People lose their teeth due to various reasons. It can be sudden facial trauma or injury, old age, and receding gums which can cause the teeth to fall off from the surface. Dental implants are a quick fix to restore your beautiful smile. People also get implants to support the dental crowns and bridges as implants have more strength to keep them in place for a longer time. 

This article highlights essential information about dental implants. It will help you understand why dentists recommend dental implants as a permanent solution for teeth loss. 

Types of Dental Implants: 

These dental implants are known for their strength and long-lasting ability. Endosteal implants have a screw that works as an artificial root. It is later attached to the false tooth as the screw is drilled in the jawbone; therefore, these implants require healthy bone for their placement. Otherwise, they are a safe and best option for anyone with missing teeth. 

Subperiosteal implants are rarely used these days. However, if a patient does not have a healthy bone or the bone is not a perfect fit for implant placement, then subperiosteal implants are an ideal choice. They are not drilled into the bone but placed over the bone and below the gums. These implants are also helpful in holding the dentures in place. 

These are the least common implants these days due to the complicated process. If the jawbone is insufficient and the implant is needed for better health, your dentist might go for zygomatic implants. The implants cannot fit inside or on the bone. Rather, they are drilled into the cheekbone, which is unsuitable for every patient. Therefore, this should be the last option if you are going for implants. 


Final Thoughts 

Dental implants are not for everyone because there is nothing better than trying to save your natural teeth as long as you can. There is no severe downside of the implants but always with your dentist before undergoing any treatment. Proper care and cleaning can make them last longer and even for a lifetime. 

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Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants

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