How Dental Implants Can Change an Elders’ Life

How Dental Implants Can Change an Elders’ Life

Today more than ever before older people are finding that dental implants can greatly improve the overall quality of life. While many elders choose to go with traditional dentures, it is dental implants that are making a real difference in people’s lives. This is because dentures are removable and sometimes slip or become dislodged. With dental implants, the treatment is permanent and lasting. This means you can eat and smile as well as laugh without any concern for personal self-confidence being affected. Best of all, dental implants are just as good as natural teeth

Bone Loss Becomes a Big Problem

Bone Loss Becomes a Big Problem

With so much to offer it is obvious to see why dental implants have become one of the most important types of dental treatment available today. A titanium rod is placed surgically into the jawbone making it a permanent and fixed part of the patient’s mouth. As an added bonus, with dental implants, bone mass is maintained within the jaw. This is simply not the case when using dentures. As a matter of fact, with dentures, bone loss becomes a big problem. Years of experience and advances in dental technology have made dental implants even better in recent years.

Incredibly High Success Rate

Imagine being able to eat, chew and laugh with confidence, never being concerned about dentures falling out at the wrong time. This is what dental implants make possible in today’s world. As an added bonus, implants can even be used to create snap–in and snap–out dentures. With so much versatility, implants are one of the smartest dental strategies that anyone can ever consider. With an incredibly high success rate, dental implants simply make smart sense. They can literally change an elder’s life in ways that would’ve not been possible just a few short decades ago. Older people are finally afforded the flexibility to enjoy all the benefits of permanent teeth through the placement of dental implants.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth

Talking with your dental care provider is the first step in understanding the potential of implants and how they can change your life. Your dentist will show you the various options available with regard to replacing missing teeth if you are an elderly or older person. While dental implants are not the perfect solution for everyone, they certainly are an important consideration for people of any age. Keep in mind that adequate bone mass is required to be able to take full advantage of all that implants make possible. Contact your Fairfield dentist, Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD at Freedom Dental today for more information about dental implants.

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