Have You Heard of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Have You Heard of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Teeth discoloration is a common condition that can be caused by various factors such as aging, genetic, eating habits and degenerative changes. Improper care of the teeth and dietary supplements is another known cause of teeth discoloration. Over many decades, several teeth whitening techniques have been used by different persons to try to achieve shining bright teeth. Home kits specifically made to whitening the teeth are commonly used and some of them are not effective enough, but you need to see your dentist if you desire a quick and reliable tooth whitening treatment.

For centuries, people have been looking for ways to achieve whiter and brighter teeth, while the modern technology has made it possible for everyone to have a set of attractive teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionized through advanced techniques and skills applied by dentists and orthodontists in the recent times. With these developments, you can now make an appointment with your dentist without the fear of painful procedures or treatments. According to Ideal Family Dentistry a dentist in Coeur d Alene ID, “Professional teeth whitening treatments are a fast and effective way to restore your natural glow, or enjoy the whiter smile that you never had.”

In as much as people want to look good and to step out in public with a beautiful set of teeth that let out an admirable smile, cosmetic dentistry will continue to deliver the needed results. However, tooth whitening is one of the most sought-after treatments and there are many different methods available to choose from. While your dentist is in the best position to choose the best option that will suit your needs, let me ask you this question; have you heard of Zoom teeth whitening? Whether yes or no, let’s see what this treatment is all about.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is a technique used by a dentist to enable you to achieve whiten teeth through advanced endodontic therapy. This method is the most popular form of teeth whitening technique and it the fastest and highly-effective procedure. The treatment takes place in your dentist’s office and it usually lasts for an hour or less to be completed. Zoom brings out the most effective teeth cleaning and whitening technique in the dental industry and produces a rapid and brilliant end-result. The treatment is done under a comfortable circumstance and it is safe when performed by a professional.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Generally, the procedure of zoom teeth whitening is comfortable and not painful. The technique will fully be performed in the dentist’s lab and you should be ready to spend up to an hour on the dental chair. The first thing your dentist will do is to carry out a preliminary evaluation and cleaning of your teeth before covering your lips and gums to make sure only your teeth are covered with the whitening solution.

After protecting other parts of the mouth except for your teeth, hydrogen peroxide gel, specially made for dental treatment, will be applied to your teeth and activated by a light pointed directly to your teeth. Normally, you’ll need about three layers of whitening gel for the procedure. The gel will be removed at an interval of 15 minutes with new one applied by your dentist.

A fluoride gel is expected to be applied to your teeth after the last whitening gel layer session in order to prevent its sensitive reactions. However, you are going to get a touch-up kit that includes a custom-made tray and whitening gel which you are going to use at home according to instructions.

Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

The benefits of zoom teeth whitening are many and beauty-conscious people are taking the advantage of the technology to have brighter and whiter teeth without going through an unpleasant procedure. This technique works effectively and has become the most popular teeth whitening treatment in the recent years. Below are some advantages of zoom teeth whitening over other methods;

The fastest procedure

This is the fastest and most-effective method to whiten your teeth and you’ll see the result almost immediately after the treatment. It has the ability to give your teeth about ten shades lighter than the original color and can last for a year.

It is customizable

Zoom allows you to choose the type of white shade you prefer for your teeth with a custom-fitted technique. You can either choose to have a lighter shade or go for a type that will make your teeth nearly transparent.

It lasts for a long time

Zoom is expected to last for a long period of time while keeping your teeth bright and white throughout. If used properly according to instructions, the take-home kit will extend the time that this whitening method will keep your teeth white.

It enhances your self-esteem

You may have been dreaming of getting a set of teeth that will boost your confidence, especially with a beautiful smile in public. With zoom teeth whitening, you no longer have to be embarrassed about your discolored teeth or unattractive smile.

Now that you have some understandings of zoom teeth whitening – its procedure, benefits and why you need it – it is then up to you to consult your dentist to ascertain if you are a candidate or not. The cost of this treatment is understandably the fear of most people but, its unparallel advantages are worth the price. It has proven to be the most-effective technique that can lighten your teeth to the desired shaded. It does the job better than any other procedure – faster and takes less than an hour to be completed.

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