Fluoride and Its Benefits for our Teeth

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Today when talking about fluoride and its benefits for our teeth, there are several ways to gain access to fluoride and its advantages. For example, it is easier than ever before to find high-quality fluoride toothpaste as well as mouth rinses that have it as an ingredient. In addition, there are even supplements that are available that can provide individuals with this dental mineral that is needed to enjoy better dental health. Those who tend to have a lot of cavities might even require a mouth rinse that is prescription in nature. This is important because this type of rinse will have a much higher concentration of fluoride.

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Fluoride Helps to Rebuild and Re-Minimalize Tooth Enamel

There are several important benefits of fluoride that must be considered. For example, those with weakened tooth enamel will find that it helps to rebuild and re–minimalize tooth enamel. Even more interesting is the fact that a high–quality rinse can be highly effective in slowing down the loss of minerals that are often seen in tooth enamel. Another clear benefit of taking full advantage of fluoride in modern dentistry is that it is highly effective at preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Gain Access to Fluoride Treatment

In addition, fluoride has been shown to clearly reverse the signs of early-stage tooth decay. This is particularly important for parents with young children with concerns that tooth decay and cavities could become a big problem. Finally, it is important to note that many municipal water supplies have fluoride included in the water. This is another way to gain access to its treatment benefits that help to protect teeth over the short and long term. Calling your local municipal water utility is the easiest way to find out if fluoride is in your water.

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Fluoride Rinses and Fluoride Applications

At the end of the day, maintaining a good home oral hygiene care program and having regular routine dental exams is the best way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. When this protocol is combined with fluoride treatment such as rinses and fluoride applications by your dentist, the end result is better dental health and stronger teeth as well as a beautiful smile. With so much to offer is clear to see why fluoride treatment and other similar dental treatments can greatly improve dental health for those of just about any age. Contact your Fairfield dentist, Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD at Freedom Dental today to learn more about fluoride and its benefits.

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