Dental Decay Prevention Strategies

Dental Decay Prevention Strategies

Tooth decay is a serious concern today and that is why it is so important to consider all available options when it comes to preventing this type of dental health-related issue. In short, dental decay is nothing more than the slow destruction of tooth structure, mainly being the enamel or outer coating of the tooth. However, there are many instances where when dental decay goes unchecked that even the dentin layer of the tooth or the inner layer becomes affected as well. Bacteria that live within the mouth that is normally used to digest foods can eventually turn into acid and cause tooth decay. That is why the importance of brushing frequently cannot be overstated. Let us further discuss the dental decay prevention strategies below.

Large Pockets of Bacteria

Large Pockets of Bacteria 

Some important ways of preventing tooth decay include brushing at least twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and even better is brushing after each and every meal and before going to bed at night. In addition, it is important to clean between the teeth using dental floss to ensure that food particles are removed. Keep in mind that food particles that are left to remain between the teeth for several days can result in large pockets of bacteria forming over time. Equally important is to rinse with fluoride and rinses that have antiseptic ingredients that destroy bacteria which are known to cause plaque. 

Professional Cleanings

Regular Routine Dental Checkups as Well as Professional Cleanings 

Some individuals may consult with their dental care provider to receive supplemental fluoride that helps strengthen teeth. One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of maintaining the highest levels of dental health is to simply eat nutritious and balanced meals while limiting snacking. Avoiding carbohydrates like chips, pretzels and candy and sticky foods can greatly improve the chances of avoiding dental decay. Drinking fluoridated water and having regular routine dental checkups, as well as professional cleanings and detailed oral examinations, are also vital to long-term dental health and wellness. Contact your dentist in Fairfield, Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD at Freedom Dental today to learn more about different dental decay prevention strategies. 

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