Best Option Between Dental Bridges and Dentures

Best Option Between Dental Bridges and Dentures

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth will typically have several options when it comes to replacing those teeth. For example, when talking about the best option between dental bridges and dentures, it is best to evaluate which will give you the best oral health and dental hygiene possible. Keep in mind that each and every tooth in a person’s mouth is essential to maintaining proper alignment. For example, the spaces left behind by missing teeth can affect everything from face shape to bite and speech as well as even your overall smile. When teeth go missing and are not replaced other teeth can shift and affect overall functionality. 

A Mold Plate

A Mold Plate That is Similar in Color to That of the Natural Gums

 That said both dentures and bridges are intended to fill spaces and prevent teeth from shifting. For example, partial dentures are designed to be removable and intended to replace multiple missing teeth. A partial denture is made of a mold plate that is similar in color to that of the natural gums. A partial denture can use everything from a metal framework of clasps to other attachment methods to secure the plate. Note that with partial dentures, there may be slippage and there is upkeep involved including routine cleaning. Conversely, with bridges, there is a more permanent solution available. 

Secure and Long-Lasting Alternative

More Secure and Long-Lasting Alternative 

Dental bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures. They are intended to be permanent in nature. This is accomplished through the process of cementing or bonding the appliance to natural teeth. In other words, a crown or implant is used as an anchor on either side of the bridge. These multiple anchors are intended to support false teeth located between the two anchors. The end result is a more secure and long-lasting alternative to a partial denture. Note that each patient is unique and as such requires a custom solution when talking about missing teeth. Talk with your Fairfield dentist, Dr. Cheng Zhu, DMD at Freedom Dental today to learn more about dental bridges and dentures. 

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