Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

When it comes to dental crowns, the average person is understandably uninformed. In fact, plenty of people have no idea same-day crowns exist. Our dental practice is proud to provide patients with same-day crowns for the reasons detailed below.

Same-Day Crowns are Made and Placed in Little Time

It was not long ago when patients had to wait several weeks for their dental crowns to be made at an off-site laboratory. Thanks to same-day dental crown technology, dental crowns can now be made in a single day. In fact, same-day dental crowns are made during the patient’s appointment. This way, you can remain in the dentist’s office while your same-day crowns are being made, have the crown(s) added in surprisingly little time and go right back to work, home or elsewhere for the remainder of your day. It does not get any more convenient than that.

There is no Need for a Temporary Crown

Those who rely on traditional crowns have to use a temporary crown in the weeks when the permanent restoration is made. The downside to this approach is the temporary crown will eventually have to be removed. The temporary crown will remain in place with the use of a weak adhesive. It is possible this temporary crown will either fall out or fail to fit properly. Some patients have difficulty chewing as their crown is an improper fit. Our dentist is well aware of the fact that temporary crowns are annoying and completely unnecessary now that same day crown technology is available. Your crown will be made and placed in a single appointment so you do not have to use a temporary crown.

Same-Day Crowns are Sturdy, Safe and Reliable

Same-day crowns are made from a block of porcelain or ceramic. This material is similar to that of natural tooth enamel. Opt for a same-day crown and you will find it is quite effective, safe and reliable. In fact, some same-day crowns prove even stronger than natural teeth. In the unlikely event the crown is damaged, we will either replace or repair it in our office.

Unparalleled Precision

Once the dentist takes impressions of your teeth, the design process commences. If desired, you can observe the dentist making your same-day crown with computer-aided design and manufacturing software referred to with the acronym of CAD/CAM. The dentist will work on the same day crown until it is absolutely perfect. Once the crown is ready to go, it will be sent to the office’s milling machine. The milling machine subsequently sculpts the same-day tooth crown from a ceramic or porcelain block.

There is no Need for Impression Putty

Plenty of patients cannot tolerate impression putty as it sometimes induces a natural gag reflex. Furthermore, this putty is messy. Opt for same-day crowns and you won’t have to worry about impression putty. The dentist takes pictures of the tooth in question as well as the surrounding gums with a handheld device for digital dental impressions. These impressions do not require the use of any sort of tray, putty or goop. Nor do these impressions require invasive measures of any sort. The icing on the cake is the fact that digital dental impressions are that much more accurate than the conventional method. Our scanner takes truly precise digital impressions that set the stage for the creation of same-day crowns that fit just right over your tooth.

Same-Day Crowns Feel and Look Perfectly Natural

CEREC crowns are durable to the point that they will prove functional and reliable for the long haul. The dentist will closely examine the crown’s shade, color and fit prior to bonding it to the tooth in question. Once your CEREC crown is in place, you will be able to smile in full confidence knowing the crown our dentist has added to your mouth looks like a real tooth. Just as important is the fact that our same-day crowns feel like regular teeth. In fact, digital dental impressions are precise to the point that same-day crowns rarely require any alterations.

Preserve as Much of the Missing Tooth as Possible

When a dentist makes and adds a digital crown to a patient’s mouth, some of the compromised teeth must be drilled down in order for the crown to fit. This means the majority of the existing tooth will no longer be in place. However, dentists who use same-day crowns do not have to perform such extensive drilling. As a result, the majority of your existing tooth remains in place. Aside from the fact that more tooth is preserved, there is less drilling.

Same-Day Crowns Boost Health Across Posterity

Temporary crowns tend to fit poorly compared to same-day crowns. Sadly, some temporary crowns have the potential to damage the tooth. Furthermore, the process required to place conventional crowns is quite invasive. Alternatively, same-day dental crowns do not require the use of temporary crowns. Same-day dental crowns are non-invasive, ensuring the majority of the tooth is preserved.

Same-day crowns are less likely to crack than traditional crowns. Your same-day crown will immediately restore the tooth’s integrity to prevent infection as well as additional damage. Add in the fact that same-day crowns are made of a biocompatible, completely safe material similar to tooth enamel and it is easy to understand why more patients and dentists alike are opting for this new age crown as opposed to the traditional version.

If your teeth have not been examined and cleaned in the past six months, it is time to schedule an appointment. Our dentist will analyze your oral health, perform an in-depth cleaning and determine if you can benefit from same day crowns. Reach out to our team at (707) 422-2236 to learn more about same day crowns and schedule an appointment.

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